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A Hidden Gem Of The Italian Alps

What is Alps Snow Stone?



Alps Snow, is a Gneiss & Quartzite plus Myca Stone from the Domodossola area in North Italy. 

Physical aspects


Very hard and with less water absorption

Uniform + Homogeneous 

Grey with unique Grain plus Myca

And if vein cut, Alps Snow is Gneiss and Quartzite as layer stone with Myca with a fantastic texture and unique pattern.



Gang saw by Vein Cut or Cross Cut

Finishing kinds of Vein Cut

Under indoor lighting Alps Snow glitter like gold

  • Brushed: After brushing the texture effect of Alps Snow is the best of any stone.
  • Honed: After honed, it’s atmosphere will be very unique and luxurious.
  • Polished: After polishing, surface will be very shiny with Golden Pearl.
  • Flamed: After flaming, prominence and depression effect is most.
  • Sand Blast, Water Blast, Acid Wash + Brushed finishing has also their own character
  • Leather: Luxury brushed

Finishing kinds of Cross Cut

Gentle and pleasantly luxury.

 Leather, Brushed, Honed, Polished, Flamed, Sand Blast, Water Blast and Acid Wash has also their own characteristics

In Cross Cut, the only alternative to the highly demanded Vals Stone made famous by Swiss Architect, Peter Zumthor in his masterpiece project, The Therme Vals.


Natural Stones Since 1976

Everywhere in the Ossola Valleys there are traces of the preciousness of stone and of its large use. DOMO GRANITI, known for the prestige of its quarries, has been active in this mountainous region of Piedmont since 1976. For the past 40 years it has been dedicated to the extraction and cutting of ornamental natural stones. Thanks to the quality of its production and thanks to its reliability and commitment DOMO GRANITI has gained a remarkable position also in the international market.

The name DOMO GRANITI comes from the word “Domodossola”, the main town of the Ossola Valley (locally called “Domo” or “Dom” in dialect). DOMO GRANITI is equipped with high-tech machineries and carries on a complete cycle of production: starting from cutting rock walls in the quarries to the production of slabs in the plant of Trontano (VB) Italy. 

To promote its natural stones DOMO GRANITI has been participating for years to the international “Marmomacc” exhibition in Verona and to the China International Stone Fair in Xiamen.

DOMO GRANITI’s natural stones are extracted into its own quarries. The quarrying process begins by cutting rock walls with the use of the newest technologies and, depending on the characteristics of the quarry and of the material, with the use of diamond wires and special detonating materials. Residual products also include shapeless blocks that can be used for different purposes such as rivers embankments.

Production capability

In the Italy, Pianasca quarry of Villadossola the production is normally 200 Cubic Meter block per month. Always a stable production throughout the whole year. 



Alps Marmi 
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U.S. Domo Graniti Representative

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